2pcs Bike Tire Liner for Puncture Protection


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  1. Made of high-quality polyurethane material, durable and toughness, lightweight and with strong anti-pressure ability.
  2. It is helpful to prevent your tire from puncturing by glass, thorns, nails, etc and protect your inner tube and extend the useful life of the tire, to avoid causing danger to the ride.
  3. It is quick and easy to install, just stretch them over your rims and put them stay in place.
  4. Absolutely not cause tire or tube to damage or loosen spokes.
  5. The liners stay against the tire from the pressure of the tube.
  6. It’s a shield against punctures from thorns, glass and road debris – the enemies of every bicyclist.
  • Material:Polyurethane polymer composites
  • Type:Tire liner
  • Color:White
  • Size:26″,27.5″,29″,700c
  • Use:Road Bicycle,Mountain Bikes
  • Thickness:0.5mm

Additional information

Wheel Size

14", 26", 27.5'', 700c, 29'', 20"


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