MEROCA MTB Automatic Pedal Cycling Clipless SPD Sealed


MEROCA MTB Automatic Pedal Cycling Clipless SPD Sealed Bearings Anti-slip Bicycle Pedal Self-locking Mountain Bike Cliple Pedals

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Upgrade your cycling experience with the MEROCA MTB Automatic Pedal. These high-performance pedals offer unmatched convenience and control on the trail. Designed for mountain bike enthusiasts, these pedals effortlessly adapt to your riding style, providing exceptional grip and stability. Say goodbye to cumbersome adjustments and hello to seamless rides. Elevate your MTB adventures with MEROCA’s innovative automatic pedal technology today!

  • Weight: about 360g
  • Pedal System: SPD
  • Material: nylon body + chrome molybdenum steel shaft
  • Sealed bearing, waterproof and dust proof.
  • Pedals for mountain bike SPD lock shoes.
  • Left and right signs
    R: Right.
    L: Left


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